Ryo Kan MX Architecture and Interior Design were created by GLVDK Studio, a multidisciplinary atelier led by Mexican architect Regina Galvanduque. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, she received the prestigious Design Award in 2008. In 2010 she was the branding director of Grupo MYT, a leading hospitality company with presence in Mexico and the US.

“For me, architecture is that overall feeling of a space. It is the smell, the sounds, the flavors and the memories of a place. This is why I love to work with every detail from the soap, to the art, the accessories and the textiles. In every one of them, I see unique characters” affirms the architect.

Architecture & Interior Design
GLVDK / Regina Galvanduque

Executive Project
GLVDK / Elvia del Rio / Dulce Cruz

Furniture & Product Design
Andres Mier y Teran/ MYT Diseño

Regina Galvanduque/ Elvia del Rio

Regina Galvanduque / Arturo Osorio

Web design
GLVDK & Aliare